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Time travel is real! - Using EDATE to blast to the past and into the future!

Yesterday's Data is soo Yesterday.

But sometimes, you may find yourself wondering "Hey what was last month's Data?"

And for that, you'll first need to figure out what Dates you're looking for.

Fear not, fellow Exceller! For Excel has a formula to calculate what the date was months ago (or what what it will be in __ months).

Presenting EDATE! No, it's not a way to meet the love of your life online but rather a formula that looks like this:

=EDate(inputDate, monthsToAdd)

In today's example, I've typed my start date (January 1st) in the B1 cell, and I want to calculate what the date will be one month in the future.

So, I'll us B1 as my inputDate and add 1 month:

=EDate(B1, 1)

And now, I know with certainty that February 1, 2024 is exactly 1 month after January 1st! Who would've thought!

But wait! There's more!

We can also go back in time using a negative value for the monthsToAdd:

And that's EDate! Another simple formula to add to your Excel Toolbelt!

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