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The Filter function!

So you've finally come around and decided you need to cut out that bullshit from your life, great!

But have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to cut out a certain part of your data? So have I! And Excel's Filter function has helped me. So let's check it out!

Let's say you have a list of students that are in different classes:

And let's say you only want a list of Names that have Math as their Class.

We can use the Filter function by indicating the list to filter and the criteria to filter on. The syntax is as follows:

=Filter(RangeToFilter, RangeToCheck=WhatToCheckFor)

So in our case: =Filter(Names, Classes="Math")

Or: =Filter(A2:A9, B2:B9="Math")

And there you have it:

The filter function filters the filter range wherever the condition is true!

Now you have a bunch of Math Nerds! Go build a rocket or something iunno.

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