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SUMIFs: One of my favorite formulas!

SUMIFs is a great formula to add to your toolbelt in Excel. Trust me, I've seen grown men giggle giddy when shown how to use SUMIFs. It super easy to use and really powerful!

Let's say your going through your list of monthly expenses and you notice that UberEats is showing up quite a lot. What a surprise?

Of course, the sensible reaction would be to start cooking more at home. But first, let's find out how bad the damage is. How much money are we looking to save if we cut out UberEats?

So, you set out to write a formula, that will add up all the UberEats transactions. Now, we can attempt to write a very long arithmatic formula to do this:

But aint nobody got time for that!

Doing this with SUMIFs is a breeze! Simply select the column you want to add (the amount in our example), the column you want to check (the Transaction Name in our example), and what you're looking for!

In other words:

=SUMIFS([the number column], [the criteria column], [the criteria])

So in our example:


Because we're looking to add up the C column, whenever it says UberEats in the B column. (Remember to use quotation marks when dealing with non numeric criteria).

Now, simply hit Enter and see the result!

Now, you know how much you've spent on UberEats in the month!

$200 on UberEats doesn't seem too bad though, so I'm going to see what deals are on....

But that's SUMIFs! Another great formula to learn on your journey to become the Excel Pro in your office!

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