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Something Doesn't Add up! Keeping it One Hunnit with Conditional Formatting

Lot of things need to be split. Bananas, The Bill, Atoms ... Percentages.

Let's say we're looking to divide a 100% Sales Quota amongst a team:

We want to input %'s in the Quota column, but we probably want to avoid alotting more or less than 100%:

Using Conditional formatting, we can highlight these errors.

First, we'll select the Quota % column:

Next, from the Home tab in the Ribbon, we'll click on Conditional Formatting and make a New Rule:

We'll use a Formula. In the Formula bar, we'll simply type Sum( and select whatever is in the column. Then, we'll make sure that is doesn't equal 1 (100%).

Our function will look something like this:


Then, we'll select the formatting we want to use.

I like to use the Darkest Red as the font.

And the Lightest Red as the Background:

And there you have it! Another thing that yells at you when you make a mistake.

If the conditional formatting rule isn't true (i.e. everything does equal 100%), then the formatting goes away:

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