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Mhmm that's Mid. - Reading between the lines using the Mid function.

Before Mid was a cool term used to describe not so cool things, it was a function in Excel used to extract characters from the middle of text strings.

Let's say we had a list of email addresses in the format of Our challenge is to extract the Last Names.

Now all we really need to do is grab the text between the Period and @ symbol.

First let's find out where the Periods and @ symbols are:

We'll use the Search formula as follows:


So, in our case, we're looking for the period in the A column:


And same for the @ symbol:


Next, we'll use the Mid function to find the Last Name.

The Mid function works as follows:

=Mid(originalText, whereToStart, howManyCharactersToInclude)

We want to search in the A column, so for the originalText we'll use A2:

=Mid(A2, whereToStart, howManyCharactersToInclude)

The Last Names start from after the period, so we'll use the period position + 1:

=Mid(A2, B2+1, howManyCharactersToInclude)

Now, we want to include from where the period starts to the @ symbol. So we'll minus the periodPosition from the @Position and that will give us the length of the last name + the @.

We don't want the @ itself so finally, we'll minus an extra 1. Our final formula will look something like this:

=Mid(A2, B2+1, C2-B2-1)

And there you have it!

Now you have a list of all the Last Names! Great Success!

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