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Let’s talk about Se- XLookup, Baby!

So the 80s called, they want their VLookup back.


Just kidding, I use VLookup all the time!

To be honest, I like it better than Index/Match.

But today let’s introduce the new kid on the block, XLookup.

A image of a cute looking child wearing warrior armour, weilding a crooked gardening tool.

Xlookup is a powerful and surprisingly simple formula to use.

Today, we're working with a list of IDs and Names and we want to return the name of a given ID:

An XLookup formula is easy, nay, super easy to write:


Or in "Non Nerd" terms:


In our example, we're looking in the A column for whatever we type in the E1 cell. And when a match is found, we want to return the name from the B column:

And that's as simple as it gets!

All I would say now is, Max, don't have XLookup with your Ex! Cuz it may make your life complex.

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