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Dropdown and give me ____! Dynamic Dropdowns Connected to Tables!

So you think you're all that because you know how to make a dropdown in Excel.

It's easy! First make a list. Then, click where you want to make a dropdown, Data > Data Validation from the menu up top, and use List to select your list.

But what if you wanted to continue to add to your list, and have the dropdown extend to show the new items added?

How about connecting your dropdown to a table? - (I know. That's exactly what you had in mind.)

We'll start off by converting our range to a Table:

  1. Simply Click anywhere in your List:

  2. From the Insert Tab, Click Table

Then, when making the dropdown (Data > Data Validation), instead of selecting the cells, write a formula in the source:

The formula we'll use is as follows:


Wherein your TableName and ColumnName come from the table you just created. (The table name can be found in the Table Design tab. )

So for me its =Indirect("Table1[Simple List]").

And there you have it! As the table grows, the dropdown extends!

OOOOOoooooh! So many choices! Which one will you pick?

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