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Drop that formula like it's hot!

If you're new to Excel, you've probably seen someone "drop a formula" and been amazed. It really is one of those features in Excel that make you feel like a pro.

Truth be told, once you believe in a formula, it's easy to apply it to the rest of your dataset! Yes, you too, can be a Excel magician!

Imagine this, you recently went for a shopping trip for the essentials. You know, Apples, Bananas and socks type of run. And you want to total up how much you spent.

So you start with a simple Excel sheet that has the names of the items, quantity you purchased and the price for each:

This is great, but we probably want to find out the total spend for each item. For this, you apply a simple formula in the next column that multiplies the Qty by the Price.

Now that we have a formula for one item, we can simply "drop the formula" like it's hot! by double clicking on the bottom right corner.

And with that, Excel automatically applies the formula to the remaining rows!

Give it a try!

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